Network Security – Thinking the Issues


“I don’t have to think about Network Security” is the traditional thinking on Network Security and it’s a mindset that are not very productive. Network Security is one of those areas that you can never, ever rest, because it’s constantly evolving in both methods and techniques. Anyone who has experienced the latest new exploits against their system will testify to the fact that there are new systems coming up every day.

However, while there are newer systems in operation, those new systems are not at all less secure than the old systems

that were working in 1995. These newer systems do not offer any more security than what was offered by the systems that were in place before. In fact, the newer systems might even be less secure than the systems of two or three years ago.

Therefore, the person’s mindset must change, in order to achieve the ultimate level of security. The security level in any enterprise network is a reflection of the “thinking person’s mindset.” Therefore, it’s a mindset that must shift from “no thinking” to “thinking.”

The good news is that the shifts are easier to do than they are to stay with. It really isn’t difficult to understand what security is in terms of thinking.

The logical progression begins with the realization that there are simply too many people on the network. There is always somebody somewhere who is not really involved in the security of the system. There is also always somebody there who is trying to get more privileges. This means that there is an increased risk for everyone to get access to the system.

Now you are at the level of the most basic network security: not connecting everyone to the same level. So now you understand that you have many different levels in your system, which means that there is no way that everyone can get access to the network at the same time. So, it is simple to see that each of these levels must be restricted from others.

Remember that there is more than just Network Security that comes into play when it comes to security.

The company itself is connected to the network at all levels, whether the connection is through a telephone line an Internet connection, or even an air-gapped area. This means that every part of the company needs to be monitored and secured.

Many people think that the new kind of network security isn’t secure. Therefore, there are those who think that there is a lack of security, when there really is just a lack of focus and no planning. To ensure that your network is protected and safe, the company will need to be more focused on security than in the past.

  • When your company has a “more of the same” thinking mentality,
  • then you must consider some of the choices that you are making.
  • However, there is the need to be aware that there are options for most issues that you might encounter as a result of network security.

The issue that will prevent your network security from being secure is a problem that is related to the weakest link of the system. As you install software onto the system, it becomes part of the system that connects the entire network together.

While it might seem like a lot of work to update your system, there are those that believe that these security issues should be up to the entire team. The team has the ability to monitor the security problems, and the team should also be able to create new security issues, so that your system remains secure.

It’s not easy to make this shift from thinking about security to actually thinking about security. But once you have gone through the process, then you should have an easier time of actually implementing a secure network.